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About Acf-bio.com

How to pay for my order?

The mode of payment is through secured online payment (CB) – you’ll see the https in the link, the s ‘stands for secure’ – or by check or (exceptionally) by cash on delivery but only if you go to the store or if we deliver in the surrounding villages.

More information about our company
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In the heart of France Bio

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11 rue Georges Polossat
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To know more
How to be sure to buy organic?
A product, when processed, consisting of at least 95% organic ingredients can carry the AB logo, official sign, owned by the Ministry of Agriculture. It contains no chemical dyes or artificial flavor or synthetic additives or chemical preservatives in order to preserve the original taste. Finally, it is not irradiated.

Good to know, references to the “reasoned” kind, “natural”, “farm product” … have nothing to do with organic farming and do not imply a certification at each step of the pathway nor guarantee non-use of chemicals.

Organic products are clearly identified and meet strict labeling rules. The reference to a control body (Ecocert, Qualité France, Agrocert, Certipaq-Aclave …) is a guarantee. It is compulsory and is systematically on the product, accompanied by the “Organic Farming” mention.

Why is it so important to us?
Organic farming aims to improve and increase soil fertility by adding organic matter, green manure culture, legumes and crop rotation. The use of mechanical or thermal weeding and practice of biological control to replace chemical pesticides and herbicides. Seeds are not GMO.

The breeding of animals is carried out extensively (low loading or density). Power comes mainly from the farm and animal care are primarily by natural therapies (phytotherapy, homeopathy, trace elements intake, …).

Buy Bio is to respect our environment and respect life!

We are looking good products from organic agriculture, meaningful, respectful of producers and their environment. We are looking for regional products primarily but also the products that can not be produced locally. We want to democratize organic sector, committed to respecting nature and animals! Approach the other providing a service, advice, free delivery to our local clients to facilitate their day searching for specific products or information …

If you are looking for a particular product, do not hesitate to call on achats@acf-bio.com giving us the most possible directions!